WAVE: Rules and Events Using Camera Analytics

With Wisenet WAVE v3.1 and above, the Rules and Events Engine will allow the usage of camera analytics from supported cameras to trigger system events.

A video demonstration of this process can be viewed here.


  1. Set the camera's analytics rules within a camera's webpage and test for proper function.
  2. Enter the Event Rules dialog by right-clicking on the camera you desire to use and selecting "Camera Rules..." or by clicking on "Event Rules" in your System Administration window.
  3. Select "Analytics Event" for the "When" field for your new Event.
  4. Select the analytics enabled camera in the "At" field.
  5. Any analytics event supported by the selected camera will appear in the drop-down menu within the "Event Type" field.


  6. Once you have completed these fields, you can choose the action(s) which will take place when the analytics event is triggered.

  7. Click "OK" to save your new event rule.
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