Network Recorder - Using SRN NVRs with SPE-410, SPE-1610, or Multi-Directional Cameras

While the SRN-1000 production has ended, new products such as the SPE-410 / SPE-1610 encoders or multi-sensor cameras can be supported for basic recording functionality.   The following applies to other SRN NVRs, such as the SRN-472S, SRN-473S, SRN-873S, SRN-4000.

Limitation include: standard schedule recording only (no motion or analytics based recording), H.264/MJPEG CODECs only (no H.265 support).

To record video from the encoders, the RTSP method can be used.





The example below shows how to implement each channel in the recorder setup.


Port: The default RTSP port is 554.  If the default port is used, you can omit the port from the RTSP URL.

Channel: This is the sensor number, starting with 0-3 (0 = Channel 1, 1 = Channel 2…).

Profile: Profile 2 is the default H.264 profile on most devices.  You may need to change the profile as needed, depending on the camera and your requirements.

Note: Some systems may require you to embed the username and password in the RTSP URL, as shown below.  The SRN-1000 allows you to enter the credentials into the IP & Password fields.





Example of setting up channels 1 to 4






Please note, the channel number is off by one, starting at 0 for channel #1.











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