SSM - Smart Search

1. Overview and Background
2. Smart Search
2. 1. Concept of Smart Search
2. 2. Smart Search setup and use
3. Conclusion


1. Overview and Background
As video surveillance becomes more important, more cameras are being used
and the amount of stored data is increasing. Therefore, most users use event
recording function to easily search desired image data.
If event recording is set, the camera transmits video and judges whether or not
the event occurs in real time, and the recording device stores the event
information together with the video. Using the event information stored in the
recording device, it is possible to playback the recorded video conveniently.
Users can easily playback recorded video if event information is stored together
with it. However, if there is no preset event, there is no index for searching, so it
may need to check all recorded video manually.
To solve this inconvenience, Hanwha Techwin provides network video recorders
that have "Smart Search" function to analyze the stored video data to search for
the desired video without event information.


2.1. Concept of Smart Search
Unlike the conventional method of video search using event information, the
Smart Search function allows users to quickly and conveniently search the footage
by analyzing the video data according to the user's interest without event
recording pre-setup.
Smart Search analyzes the coordinates of objects in stored video using metadata
analyzer and metadata by user's interest. Then, the movement of the object is
identified, and the event type and time information are figured out. Based on the
result, a thumbnail list of each event footage is created and provided on user
interface with the video.



2.2. Smart Search setup and use
To use Smart Search, it must be turned on in the camera event menu and the
camera's motion detection area must be set to the whole area.
When Smart Search function is activated, recorder stores metadata from
network camera together with the video. Then, when Smart Search is executed,
it searches the video according to the user's interest using the video and metadata.
Smart Search allows users to search for four events, such as motion, virtual line
passing, entering and leaving. It displays the search result in list, timeline, and
thumbnail form.



In Smart Search menu, after setting search condition using the virtual line, area
of interest and exclusion on the preview screen and execute smart search, the
shooting date and still image of the relevant video are displayed.



3. Conclusion
Hanwha Techwin's Smart Search enables the users to easily and quickly search
the video of situation of interest on the storage device regardless of event
recording setup. With Smart Search, users can get video without inconvenience
of checking large amounts of recorded videos manually.


Smart Search support model
: PRN-4011, XRN-3010, XRN-810S/410S, QRN-810/410
(It will be updated if supported product is added.)

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