Wisenet Wave - How to get a snapshot from a camera via email when an event is detected?

Wisenet WAVE VMS provides the option to receive HTTP generic events, which is a standard HTTP request to the Wisenet WAVE media server from any 3rd party software solution and/or Wisenet WAVE itself.

This means you can enable integration with any application that is able to send the HTTP event to trigger any action in Wisenet WAVE. Using this method, it also possible to create snapshots of any specified event.

In this article, we will describe how you can add a snapshot of an event to an email as an action.  


What is a Generic Event?

The Wisenet WAVE Server API provides a standard set of API calls for 3rd party systems and/or Wisenet WAVE itself.

With the Wisenet WAVE Server API  it is possible to send Wisenet WAVE events using a standard API call in the form of an HTTP string - also known as the CreateEvent API call.


Which function do I need?

You will only need the Wisenet WAVE Event Rules engine, which is already built-in to Wisenet WAVE with an intuitive user interface.


How do I do it?

  1. Confirm you have ‘Administrator’ user rights to log into Wisenet WAVE via the Wisenet WAVE Desktop Application.
  2. Navigate to Main menu, select System Administration (Ctrl+Alt+A), then click the icon Event Rules.
    (Or right-click on a camera in the resource panel or on a camera on the grid and select Camera Rules.)
  3. Click the Add button, and you will see the Event and Action dialog at the bottom half of the menu.
  4. Select the Event you want to use on the left, and select the action Do HTTP Request.
  5. Fill in the fields for your action details, then click Apply
    1. HTTP URL: add the Wisenet WAVE Generic Event API call with the specific parameters: source (and/or caption and/or description) and metadata to add the relevant camera ID to the API call. This can contain multiple camera IDs. You can find the Camera ID via Camera Settings in the Advanced tab, and at the top of the menu you can copy the Camera ID.
    2. HTTP content: leave blank
    3. Content type: Auto
    4. Authentication type: Auto
    5. Request type: GET
    6. Login: Your account (Administrator role)
    7. Password: Your password
  6. Click the Add button again, and then you will see the Event and Action dialog on the bottom half of the menu.
  7. Select Generic Event for the event type on the left, and select the action - Send email on the right
  8. Choose the proper interval of action and enter (or pick) the recipients.
  9. Click Apply to save the changes, then click OK.



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