Wisenet Wave - How to Modify the Logging Level of a Server

You may be asked to elevate or modify the Main Logging Level of a Server by one of our Support Engineers as we assist you in troubleshooting an issue. Please follow the steps below to modify the level.

1. Navigate to the Server Web Admin interface by right clicking on a server in the Desktop client and selecting Server Web Page.

  • This will launch the Server Web Admin interface for the targeted server. 

  • A Server's Web Admin Interface can also be accessed by inputting the IP Address of the Server with the port in a web browser.

    • e.g https://localhost:7001 or https://<serveripaddress:port>

2. Login with Administrator level credentials.

3. Once you have logged in as an Administrator modify your URL to navigate to the hidden "Advanced" section of the Web Admin Interface:

  • e.g. http://localhost:7001/static/index.html#/advanced

4. Once you are in the Advanced view, navigate to the Log Settings section, locate the Main log level drop-down menu and choose the option as instructed by our support team. In most cases you'll be required to elevate the log level to Debug2.

3. Click Save.

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