Wisenet Wave - Client not launching on WRR or WRT Servers


Issue: Wave client is not able to launch or it opens up with a blank white screen. There’s no ability to configure the Wave from the server.

Solution: System Integrator will need to run the patch only on their Wave client workstation that is connected to the Wave server. They will need to run the patch version or higher.

Click on the link for the patch ------ >

From Wave client, choose the option “specific build” under the update section of the system administration menu. Then input build# 21264 and password as 9fy2rf to start the download.


Updating the Wave client will also update the Wave server but it will not update the client software on the WRR or WRT. 

The old client version will remain, so the Wave client version 21264 will need to be installed on the server and system will need to be restarted. The download file for Wave client software is also available on the link above.

In conclusion, the rollback of the graphics card driver is not always necessary when the Wave client will not load.

Keynotes: If there’s no separate Wave client workstation; there’s a TEMPORARY fix to launch it by using the article down below. But this method is ONLY used for updating the Wave to the patch version.

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