WRR-5301/5501 - BIOS Boot Sequence

This quick guide will help setup the BIOS Boot Sequence for setting up a new bootable OS SSD/Hard Drive.


* This guide only applies to Wave WRR-5000 Series Servers.


Step 1 - Enter the BIOS by pressing DELETE/DEL key when prompted during system boot-up. 

Step 2 - In the BIOS, select BOOT > Boot Mode Select > UEFI (as shown below).

Step 3Select UEFI Boot Order #1. After hitting enter, you'll see the option below for Windows Boot Manager. Select Windows Boot Manager and exit to previous menu.

Step 4 - The UEFI Boot Order #1 should now show "UEFI Hard Disk:Windows Boot Manager" indicating it recognizes the Windows boot drive.

Step 5 - Exit out of the BIOS by pressing F4 on the keyboard.

Step 6 - Proceed with OS installation and setup.

Here's what it will boot to when the correct drive is selected... the Windows sys prep image


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