WRR-5301/5501 - Servers Upgrading BIOS

1.  Create bootable USB flash drive
a. Insert USB to your computer, download and run rufus-3.5.exe software:    (You can also download it from to bottom of this document)
b. Download updated BIOS v2.3 by accessing following link:   (You can also download it from to bottom of this document)

c. Select your USB drive and under Boot selection choose Disk or ISO image
d. Click on SELECT and brows to previously downloaded BIOS iso (199464.iso) then click on start button

2. Insert bootable USB to the WRR
3. Boot up your WRR server and keep pressing “Delete or F11” button to enter BIOS
a. In the BIOS navigate to Boot option and change “Boot Mode Select” to Legacy
b. Press F4 to save and exit
c. WRR should boot up to DOS prompt
d. NOTE: WRR will reboot and start updating BIOS please wait 5-8min until you see
message: WARNING: System must power-off to have the changes take effect!
e. Remove USB flash drive and power cycle WRR. Please note that unit may reboot twice during this process

4. If the unit doesn’t boot up to Windows OS please access the BIOS again by pressing “Delete or F11” button. Enter Boot menu and set Boot Mode Select [UEFI]

5. After you hit enter on UEFI Hard Disk Drive BBS Priorities, you’ll see the option for Windows Boot Manager


6. Hit Esc and you'll notice that the UEFI Boot Order #1 now says UEFI Hard Disk:Wi... indicating it recognizes the Windows boot drive



7. Press F4 and confirm. After WRR reboots Operating system should start and UEFI priority option will be saved in the BIOS

Attachments: BIOS.ZIP contains all three documents



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