Camera - Auto tracking by Schedule

Issue: Need to set auto tracking schedule for multiple fields of view on a PTZ.

  1. In the setup menu of the PTZ camera, go to the preset setup and create the HOME
  2. Create 2 presets and choose the after action as AUTO TRACKING and the tracking time.

auto1.PNG3. Go to PTZ sequence and select trace and auto run.

4. Make sure to select SCHEDULE as the auto run mode.

5. Click on a square and choose the mode to PRESET, input the NUMBER and the time period.

auto2.PNG6. The schedule is now set to auto track on PRESET 1’s view from midnight to 9 am and stay on the HOME position until 5 pm.

7. Then the PTZ will auto-track on PRESET 2’s view from 5 pm until midnight.

auto4.PNG*** Now the Auto Tracking feature will not track during work hours and track from two different fields of view off hours.



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