Wisenet Wave - How to play sound (MOTION DETECTION AND ANALYTIC)

Play sound features from WAVE is a great way for an operator to not miss any actions. It allows users to create a rule that plays a sound to a targeted device.

For Motion Detection:

  1. Right clicking on the camera and choose Camera Rules.
  2. Select “add” and choose “Motion on Camera” for the Event’s when field. You have the option to choose to play the sound when it Starts or Stops.
  3. Then select the designated Camera Model to trigger a sound.
  4. Also, select “Schedule” to limit the time frame of the action.
  5. Under Action, the Do field must be selected as “Play sound
  6. The camera does not need to be selected (Keep it blank); Only select a camera if it supports two audio capabilities such as a microphone.
  7. If there is high foot traffic; then increasing the time value will minimize the # of alerts.
  8. You are also able to assign users and choose the type of sound. Or select manage if you’d like to add a custom one.
  9. Finally, test it and apply.


For Analytic:

  1. The "When" under Event must be set to “Analytic Event”.
  2. Select the camera and the Event Type as “Virtual line crossing”
  3. Please keep these fields empty if you are unsure. It’s optional to use the Caption and Description fields to enter or filter attributes or metadata provided by the analytic device. Entries in these fields should match the corresponding fields in the HTTP request and are case sensitive. If the field is empty, it will always be considered a match.
  4. Then follow steps 4-8 from above.


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