Genetec - Fisheye camera calibration


When adding a Hanwha Fisheye camera to Genetec, you will have to set a lens code and calibrate the camera.


In the Cofig Tool, go to Video Unit. From there select the Video Unit in question. Go to the Hardware Tab of the Fisheye camera in question.

The Lens Type would need to be set to Panamorph.

Then Click the pencil to the right of the Panamorph drop down.

Set the orientation on the camera to either ceiling or wall.

The lens code will be determined by the model. See the list of codes below for the proper code.

Once the code is selected click calibrate.

You should get a success message. If it fails check the motion detection tab for an improperly configured Event or Motion Schedule.



Below are the current known Dewarp lens codes from Immervision:



      • SNF-7010 series = B5SST
      • SNF-8010 series = C7SST
      • PNF-9010 series = C8WWT
      • XNF-8010 series = D1SST


Link to article on camera models and Immervision Lens codes:


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