Camera - XNF Series Panorama De-warp profile for NVR usage

De-warping a Fisheye camera on most NVR's is not directly compatible

Creating  Panorama views will provide a full de-warped view of the cameras

The First and Second Profile on most of our cameras are locked.

Profiles can be automatically inserted by NVR's. Recorders need to modify the profiles for Live Viewing and Recording if a none fisheye view is preferred.

Live4NVR is the profile that our NVR's insert into the camera once you have registered it with the recorder.

The Record profile is under Setup > Record > Record Setup > Camera.


The selected profile in this window is what is being used to record. The camera will have a corresponding profile. That is the profile you want to change.

Log into the camera. Go to: Setup > Basic > Video Profile. On some cameras "Setup" is a Gear (pictured below.)



Select the Profile of the recorder for Live Viewing or Recording by clicking on the black dot to the left of the Profile listed. This will select that profile. These steps will need to be repeated for both the Recording Profile and the Live Viewing Profile.

Then click the Fish Eye view type to "Dewarp View"



Some cameras can do Double Panorama and others Single. For this camera it is Single Panorama.

Once this is selected. Click apply at the bottom of the screen. These steps will need to be repeated for the other profile. I.E. - if you just setup the Recording profile. Now do these for the Live Viewing profile or vice versa.

Once this is done your view should be:



If your view is distorted or upside down. This comes from the Camera Mounting Mode being set to the wrong surface:

These controls are found under Video & Audio > Video


If the camera is on a wall then the switch must be set accordingly.







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