Network Recorder - Alternative ways of viewing NVR's without configuring your router

The"P2P service"  grants viewing, search and bookmark. This feature eliminates the configuration of multiple port forwarding rules on your router.


  1. Go to Network section> P2P and then check ENABLE P2P.
  2. Downloading our WISENET MOBILE app on your IOS or ANDROID device.

Scan the QR code on the ADD DEVICE section of the app.



  1. Under ADD DEVICE, Click QR CODE and your camera on the mobile device will allow you to scan the QR code. It’s provided on the NVR’s P2P setup menu or a sticker is on the actual device.
  2. Adding devices is complete when the QR code of the device has been identified.
  3. If your mobile device’s camera that is non-functional, go to MANUAL SETUP.
  4. Enter in the NAME, choose the TYPE as UID and then input the 20 digit UID value from the P2P setup menu from the NVR. (refer to image above)
  5. Finally, input the credential of the NVR in the ID and PW fields then press OK to register.



With the freedom of viewing cameras on your mobile device, the P2P service is exclusively utilized with the WISENET MOBILE APP ONLY. In other words, the NVR cannot be accessed through a PC or Mac. The web interface of the browser or Smartviewer does not give you the option to input the QR code or the UID. If this is a concern, then port forwarding the HTTP and DEVICE ports on the router are necessary.

Here's the link to set up devices with port forwarding rules to gain access to our devices from an external network via PC.

Devices with P2P SERVICE

QRN-410, QRN-410S

QRN-810, QRN-810S

QRN-1610, QRN-1610S

XRN-1610SA, XRN-2010A, XRN-3010A




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