Camera - SSL & TLS

Issue: The camera is constantly failing to save all the correct email configuration.

For SSL, email configuration will not save because most standard ISPs' (internet service providers) will block common ports such as 465 for SSL and 25 for SMTP

Therefore the camera configuration will be rejected from the ISP; even  your email supports SSL on your Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail account.

Once the ISP unblocks the SSL and SMTP ports, the camera can fully save the e-mail configurations.

If you do not need any security, you may just use port 25 for STMP. However if you'd like a secure connection, SSL is definitely preferred. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) provides encryption between communications the camera, e-mail, and the server. This link is ensured with a cryptographic protocol that is kept private and integral.


On our newer products (Q, X, P series), SSL is not supported. Only TLS can be enabled for port 587. (port# may vary depending on the type of e-mail). It's highly recommended to utilize TLS (Transport Layer Security) which is an upgraded version of SSL 3.0. This gives the device a higher level of authentication encryption. With complex cryptographic algorithms, there is a bigger padlock to the link for greater protection.

TLS is not supported on our OLDER S series camera such as our discontinued model SNO-7082R & SNV-7080R. 


Once the e-mail configuration is saved successfully, you will be receiving e-mails about event information and snapshots.




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