Network Recorder - How to register a Multi Imager (PNM series camera) into a XRN series NVR

Ensure that the NVR and camera is on the latest Firmware version before proceeding.

The steps illustrated below are from the NVR web interface but it should be the same menu system if programming directly from the NVR.


Login to NVR and navigate to DEVICE > Camera > Camera Registration.

Select Auto camera discovery.


Once the camera is discovered, enter the camera credentials, select the camera channel and hit "Connection Test".


The Connection test is required for the NVR to discover all the camera channels as seen below:


A successful Connection Test will discover all 4 camera channels and each one should show "Connected Successfully". Hit OK to continue


Verify that each camera channel is correct then hit OK.


All 4 camera channels should now come up on the Camera Registration page and will show connected successfully and report each camera data rate. 


Please click on OK before closing the camera registration page to save settings/configuration



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