Wisenet WAVE - How to disable Automatic Device Discovery

As soon as a new WAVE server is started it automatically performs device discovery in its network for devices that are accessible via broadcast. Once a device is discovered, it is displayed in the Resource Tree.

Once a device is discovered, Wisenet WAVE tries to configure the following settings on camera: the best possible image settings for the main video stream (resolution and frames per second) and optimal ones for the secondary stream (low resolution, 7 frames per second). 

Some devices require setting a password once accessed for the first time. In this case they are displayed within Resource Tree, however the corresponding message will be displayed when trying to view streams from such devices.

If a device was deleted but remains on the network, it will be re-discovered. Disable "Automatic Discovery" to turn off this feature.


To disable automatic device discovery

1. Open Main Menu –> System Administration (shortcut Ctrl+Alt+A) –> General tab

2. Uncheck Enable devices and servers auto discovery in the System Settings section

3. When finished, press OK to apply or Cancel to discard changes

IMPORTANT: Once auto-discovery is disabled, new devices and servers will no longer be auto-discovered, they will have to be added manually.


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