Encoder - SPE-1610 changing NTSC to PAL

The Network Video Encoder SPE-1610 supports NTSC and PAL video sources at standard resolutions.

However, the modes have to be changed manually using a CGI command.

The procedure to change the encoder to PAL mode is as follow:

  1. Connect to the encoder using a standard web browser
  2. Log in to the encoder
  3. Paste the CGI command below in to the address bar (change <ipaddr> to actual IP address)
  4. After sending the CGI command, a "OK" should appear on the web page.
  5. Now reboot the encoder and test using a PAL source.

The CGI command also lets you change back to NTSC by editing the variables listed below.

  • lang: 0(ENG) , 1(CHN), 2(KOR)  ---Language
  • vt 0(NTSC) , 1(PAL)                     ---Video Standards



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