Camera - SNO-L5083R Factory Reset

The Reset button restores all camera settings (including the admin user login) to factory default.

Step 1 - Remove the camera front cover. It is held by 2 screws on the top and bottom of the camera chassis. 

Step 2. Pull the front camera cover, there is a rubber O-ring holding it on place so pull gently but firmly. 

Step 3 - The reset switch is right above the micro SD slot. Press and hold firmly for about 30 seconds to factory default the camera reboot the system. Initial IP after reset is or DHCP

* If you reset the camera, the network settings will be adjusted so that DHCP can be enabled. If there is no DHCP server in the network, you must run the IP Installer ( or Device manager ( to discover the camera and program the basic network settings such as IP address, Subnet mask, Gateway, etc., before you can connect to the network.




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