Camera - PTRZ is not PTZ

PTRZ stands for PAN, TILT, ROTATE & ZOOM. This feature is available on our X series Plus & X series Extra-Lux cameras. This feature will allow the system integrator to maneuver the camera's view after installation. The camera has motors that will adjust the focus and zoom, but now, there is another motor that will adjust the rotation of the lens. 

The PTRZ feature is ONLY used for setup purposes. None of the functionality are designed to be used in the live view or on the web interface or even on an NVR. The PTRZ cameras DO NOT share the same characteristics as PTZ camera. The PTRZ DO NOT have auto tracking, autorun, swing, tour, or trace functions. The only feature that comes close to a PTZ camera is the DIgital PTZ feature.


The PTRZ setup is located under Video & Audio

In any setup of a camera, it is good practice to always initial the zoom & focus.

It resets the motors of the lens to the default positions.

- The Zoom function is the bottom set of numbers with the "+" and the "-" If the focus is not set, the Simple Focus button will automatically focus the lens while keeping the zoom settings.

- The manual Focus function is the top set of numbers with the near and far icons. It may be used to hone into a specific area that is unclear or if the simple focus could not make an accurate view.

- The PTRZ function is controlled with the virtual joystick and can be maneuvered 360 degrees.  The forward and backward arrows will rotate the lens clockwise and counter-clockwise. The Auto Roll will allow the camera to adjust the rotation of the camera to a balanced view.

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