Wisenet WAVE - Disconnecting the WAVE Sync "Owner" Account

When attaching a WAVE server to a WAVE Sync Account, any logins created under this account are associated to the Owner account.

 The "Owner" Account is the account that the WAVE Sync service has associated with the WAVE Server.

If disconnecting from WAVE Sync on this server, loss of all associated accounts. will happen. Often some clients who associate their WAVE Sync account to the email of a person in their office, find that they want to no longer have the term "Owner" linked to this persons name.


Be mindful when connecting a server and alert the client to pick a generic admin email not associated to any one person.


 The two orange boxes below show the areas of a WAVE Server that establish the WAVE Sync connection.



Many small to mid size businesses have generic emails for admin accounts and server management. Always advise the client of this option when deploying.

**Disconnecting an unwanted owner account can lead to a great deal of rebuilding. So get it right the first time**


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