Camera - Alarm Out using with Altronix RBSNTT

The output on Wisenet IP cameras is a very low level output so it cannot connect directly to a third party device like a strobe or connect directly to an intrusion or access control panel.  An Altronix RBSNTTL will convert the low level output to a form C relay for switching power to a device or change the state of an input on another system.  It is also readily available at most Distributors off the shelf.

The Altronix RBSNTTL does need a third-party power source, either 12 or 24VDC.  Altronix sells these power supplies and it only need 45ma so it is very low power.  You can power multiple RBSNTTL's from a single power supply.

Below is a wiring diagram on how to wire RBSN.  It is critical to wire the Camera Ground wire to the NEG- terminal for a common ground.  Because this is a "pull to ground" the module does not need to be directly at the camera.  In field testing it worked 250' from the camera using a 22awg 2 conductor cable.

There are other low level relay output modules online such as a SRD-12VDC-SL-C that work as well.  For this module ensure to move the jumper from the H position to the L position for a Low Level Input.  Secondly, wire the Ground wire from the camera to the DC- terminal so the devices have a common ground otherwise it will likely fail. 


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