Camera - SNP-6321H Serial configuration

Configure the controller connection so that the camera’s PTZ can be controlled using the controller connected to the camera’s RS-485/422 terminal (RS-485 is 2 wire, RS-422 is 4 Wire).


To configure the Protocol, Device ID and Baud Rate log into the camera web interface and navigate to 

Setup > PTZ > RS-485/422

1. From the Setup menu, select the tab.

2. Click <RS-485/422>.

3. Click <▼ Show>.

4. Specify the serial port. The communication protocol used by the controller connected to the network camera can be set (RS-485/422).

• Protocol : Select the same protocol version as the controller, choosing from SAMSUNG-T / SAMSUNG-E / PELCO-D / PELCO-P / PANASONIC / HONEYWELL / AD / VICON / GE / BOSCH.

• Camera ID : Set the camera ID (1-255).

• Baudrate : Set the RS-485/422 communication speed.

5. When done, click Apply.





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