Camera - Adding PNM-9320VQP to Exacq VMS

The Multi-Directional camera, PNM-9320VQP, has four interchangeable lens modules that are specific for this camera. They have the ability to be maneuvered on a track for maximum coverage. The PTZ feature is an essential part of this camera and it has the functionality to auto-track after a lens module uses the handover feature.

In order for this camera to be fully functional with other Video Management Software such as Exacqvision; you must verify the supported device firmware from their website.

Once verified, the supported firmware can be downloaded from our firmware directory.

When registering the cameras to Exacq, you will notice that only the lens modules will appear.

The PTZ channel will need to be added in a different format; apply the syntax down below when adding the PTZ to Exacq.

<camera_ip address>#bank=2

When adding this camera to Exacq is that a combination of 2MP and 5MP lenses; the 5MP lens must be inserted into the first channel of the camera.

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