Camera - WN3 Camera series 4.0 firmware improving the performance

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Please be informed that
The Wisenet III camera series 4.0 firmware has several improvements
This major upgrade was created for improved stability,
increased performance and better compatibility with third party VMS,
Hanwha recording devices, and for enhanced cyber and network security.
Version 4.0 is backwards compatible with previous firmware releases.
Hanwha recommends upgrading to firmware version 4.0 for all Wisenet III cameras in operation.

• Firmware / Model
    o snb6004_Series_4.00_180504.img : SNB-6004, SNB-6003, SND-6084, SND-6083, SNO-6084R, SND-  6084R, SNV-6084R
    o snv6012m_snv6084_4.00_180504.img : SNV-6084
    o snb5004_Series_4.00_180627.img : SNB-5004, SNB-5003, SND-5084, SND-5083, SNV-5084
    o sno_snd_6011r_4.00_180504.img : SNO-6011R, SND-6011R
    o snv6012m_snv6084_4.00_180504.img : SNV-6012M, SNV-6084
    o snf7010_Series_4.00_180627.img : SNF-7010, SNF-7010V, SNF-7010VM
    o snb7004_Series_4.00_180504.img : SNB-7004, SND-7084, SNV-7084, SNV-7084R, SNO-7084R, SND-7084R
    o snb6010_snv6013_4.00_180504.img : SNB-6010, SNV-6013
    o sno_snd_snv_5084r_4.00_180627.img : SNO-5084R, SND-5084R, SNV-5084R
    o snb6010b_snb6011b_4.00_180504.img : SNB-6010B, SNB-6011B
    o snf8010_4.00_180703.img : SNF-8010, SNF-8010VM
    o snb6011_4.00_180627.img : SNB-6011
    o snv6085r_4.00_180504.img : SNV-6085R
    o snp5321_4.00h_190920.img : SNP-5321, SNP-5321H
    o snz6320_4.00h_190920.img : SNZ-6320
    o snp6321_4.00h_190920.img : SNP-6321, SNP-6321H
    o snpl6233_4.00h_190920.img : SNP-L6233, SNP-L6233H
    o snpl5233_4.00h_190920.img : SNP-L5233, SNP-L5233H

• Features
    o Changed the system / event logging area.
    o Added support for TLS 1.0 when using SSL.

Note: Old log data is deleted when downgrading from 4.0 to older version

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