A2 FaceMask App - Demo License Request Process

Demo License Request Process
For Mask Detection Application


1. Introduction

Part of the activities to promote actively the solution will be demonstrating their capabilities and usability on the field, and in that sense this Demo license request is a fundamental part of promotional and pre-sales activities.

2. Who should request the Demo

RSM’s should be the ones who triggers the Demo license request according to the region of coverage. This rule will apply for both North America and Latin America indistinctively.

3. How to request a Demo license?

  • To request a demo license for the “face mask detection” application please first be in contact with your Regional Sales Manager, to know more about the details and features of the solution.
  • For North America and Canada, follow this link to be in contact with your corresponding RSM.
  • For Mexico, Central and South America, please follow this link to get in contact with the Sales Manager of the country.
  • After entering in contact with your RSM and have the complete information about the solution we kindly request to fill this form requesting details about your demo.
    Internally the request will be handle by one person per region (one for North America, and One for LATAM) and that person will be responsible to forward the license request capture by the form, directly to a2.

4. How long will take to get the demo?

  • We will work diligently to get your Demo license and start to testing the features of the Face Wearing Mask. In that sense please allow us at least 48 hours to process your request.

5. How long will last the demo license?

  • Upon activation, the Demo license will be fully functional for 30 consecutive days.



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