DDNS Service Discontinuance for SHR and SPR series DVRs

We regret to inform you that the DDNS service for SHR, SPR series DVRs will be permanently discontinued effective 1st January 2021 0:00 AM (GMT+9).

The DDNS service provides remote access to a DVR that uses a dynamic or
DHCP IP address from an Internet Service Provider by tracking the current IP address via a friendly name.

If the affected model DVRs are still being utilized, please utilize an alternate solution for remote access if needed. Alternative options include using an ISP-provided static IP address, a VPN, or DDNS managed by another device. DDNS services (free or paid) are available on a variety of routers or utilizing PC software.

If you are using an ISP-provided Static IP address or a VPN for remote access, or you are not using the DVR remotely, then the discontinuation of the DDNS service will have no affect.

Please check the menu of the DVR to determine if the DDNS service is being used.

Affected Models : SHR-xxxx / SPR-xxxx

Note that these DVRs were manufactured starting in 2009, and are discontinued models.

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