Adding Third Party Cameras on our NVR

Before registering any third-party cameras to our Wisenet Recorders, the unit must be placed in the proper mode. By default, any of our recorders that have a built-in POE switch will come in PNP mode (plug and play). In order to register third-party devices, the unit must be set to MANUAL mode.

To identify if our units have a POE switch, the model # will always have a letter "S" towards the end.

For example, XRN-1610S, XRN-810S, QRN-1610S.

Benefits of using Manual mode

-  Register cameras that are ONVIF compliant

- Register the cameras utilizing the RTSP URL.

-  Register Multi-Directional cameras.

- Register cameras with the use of additional network devices such as switches and midspans.


In the second step, does the third-party cameras have a setup feature for ONVIF?

Most manufacturers require the camera to enable ONVIF and sometimes even create separate credential.

Then test out the ONVIF protocol through ONVIF Device Manager.

Here is the link to download the tool.

The final step is to register the cameras to our NVR. Go to Device> Camera> Camera Registration.

Third-party cameras that are poplar may be discovered and registered using the "Auto" button.

But if it doesn't populate then utilize the "Manual" button.


1. Select the Protocol to ONVIF

2. Input the IP Address

3. ONVIF Port is 80

4. ID/password --- if you created a separate ONVIF credential, please apply it here.

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