Wave Server - WRR-5501 Automatic Shutdown & Reboot

There are times where the WRR-5501 server will reboot or shutdown automatically due to some settings in the Bios.

The Intel SpeedStep and Turbo mode will hinder the server stability of always staying ON.

Intel SpeedStep Technology - allows the system to automatically adjust processor voltage and core frequency to reduce power consumption and heat dissipation. 

Turbo Mode - enables the processor cores to run faster than the frequency specified by the manufacturer. The options are Disabled and Enabled.

Here are the instructions to disable the Intel SpeedStep Technology and Turbo modes in the system BIOS. 

1. While the system is booting, continually press the "DEL" key every two seconds
2. Under the Advanced menu, scroll down to CPU Configuration and hit Enter
3. Scroll and press Enter on the Intel SpeedStep Technology option and choose Disabled
4. Turbo Mode will automatically be disabled when disabling the SpeedStep.
5. Save your settings and reboot the system


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