Camera - How to register a multi-sensor / multi directional camera to a Hanwha NVR

This article applies to multi sensor cameras listed here:

The multi sensor / multi directional cameras are compatible with all X-Series and Q series NVR. Please contact Tech Support if your device is not listed as compatible.

In this example we will be adding the PNM-9000VQ to a PRN-4011 NVR.

NOTE: Both the Camera and NVR needs to have the latest Firmware version before proceeding. To download the latest firmware for your device please go to our website:

Here are the steps:

  • Go to the NVR Menu, select Device, Camera, Camera Registration. 
  • Click Auto and let the NVR discover the camera. 
  • Once the camera is discovered, enter the camera credentials and click "Connection Test"
  • The NVR will now discover the 4 camera channels. Click OK to save

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