[Technical Note] Wisenet Mobile 2.0.1 release

New version of Wisenet Mobile 2.0.1 has been released on both Android and IOS

  • Wisenet Mobile Android : V2.0.1_200717 ( July, 17th, 2020 )
  • Wisenet Mobile iOS : V2.0.1_200715 ( July, 15th, 2020 )

Improvements and Changes

  • Fixed an issue of play back video(Camera SD card) overlapped on DST ( Daylight Saving Time ) for network camera and multi-directional camera
    • In Camera SD Card playback with 2.0, It was unable to play back when Daylight Saving Time is overlapped in the same hour but now it displays 0(video before DST) or 1(video after DST) time line to be able to play back in Camera SD Card 
  • When using hardware decoding in some devices(found in Samsung Mobile Galaxy S20), only effective size will be used based on resolution standard 
    • This makes smooth rendering effect in the video, fixing unexpected size of packets coming when its in decoding process in hardware
  • Fixed an issue of playing H.265 with below the i-phone 6s minimum spec
    • Using video codec H.265, System needs more resource to play the video
    • Due to lack of performance with hardware chip-set of below spec of i-phone 6s, Decoding will be switched and conducted by software base automatically
  • Fixed an issue of play back of NVR(found in QRN-810) when it's in overlapped video in iOS
    • When the user randomly changes the time in mobile, this causes overlapped video and it was unable to play back with till 2.0 in iOS
    • the issue has been fixed with 2.0.1 
  • Fixed an issue of appearing app crash when accessing to both play back and live channel  in some devices(found in LG Mobile Q51)
  • Fixed an issue of being unable to see the devices list after updating Android OS version 10
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