How do I use the AI Search Filters in WAVE?

Applies to Models: All WAVE software Versions


AI filters in WAVE provide a quick way to find the exact search results you are looking for. This article provides an overview of how to use those filters effectively.

AI Search Reference Guide:

When using the AI search filters in the WAVE Objects pane, the tracking type can be entered for a broad filter of object classifications by selecting the object type from the drop-down menu or by entering the search term below: 


Possible Tracking Types
Person will display all person tracking results
Face will display all face tracking results
Vehicle will display all vehicle tracking results
LicensePlate will display all license plates tracking results


In order to narrow results, the tracking type category can be searched by typing the category followed by the colon symbol : or equal sign = in order to display all possible category results.

Possible Category Types
gender will display all chosen gender in results
top will display all tops meeting criteria in results
bottoms will display all bottoms meeting criteria in results
bag category will display all bags meeting criteria in results
carry bag will display everyone carrying a bag in results
age will display everyone meeting age criteria in results
wearsmask will display everyone wearing a mask in results
wearsopticals will display everyone meeting criteria in results
type will display all cars meeting criteria in results
color will display all car colors meeting criteria in results


To narrow results further, category attributes can be filtered further and filter terms can be entered individually or combined for multi-term searches.

  • Example: Possible category attributes
    • Gender:
      • male
      • female
    • TopClothingColor: OR TopsColor: (can contain up to two colors)
      • (black, gray, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
    • BottomClothingColor: OR BottomsColor: (can contain up to two colors)
      • (black, gray, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
    • Age:
      • senior (will show results of 65+)
      • middle (will show results of 45-64)
      • adult (will show results of 20-44)
      • young (will show results of 0-19)
    • WearsOpticals: or WearsGlasses:
      • true
      • false
    • BagCategory: or CarryBag:
      • bag
    • Type: << applies to vehicles
      • (car, bus, truck, motorcycle, bicycle)
    • Color: << applies to vehicles
      • (black, gray, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • Example: Multi-term search
    • female top:blue << will display results for females with blue upper clothing color
    • bag blue << will display results for any person with a bag and blue top or bottom clothes
    • car white << will filter white cars
    • truck black << will filter black trucks
    • male wearsmask:true << will filter all males not wearing masks
    • male blue white << will filter males wearing both blue and white either in top, bottom or both clothing.
    • female wearsglasses: true << will filter females wearing glasses
NOTE: People and Face Tracking category searches cannot be combined with Vehicle
tracking categories.

You can further refine the search criteria by selecting specific time periods, multiple or specific cameras, object type, and specific areas in the camera view.


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