How do I setup an additional Hard Drive in WRN Series Recorders?

In case a new hard drive has been added to the WRN, or the hard drive
is not displayed as storage in WAVE, please follow these instructions
to mount the drive and create a partition.

Launch “Disks” application in Linux.



For each storage disk (excluding the OS drive), select the volume:



Create a partition with the + button and leave the default maximum partition size.


Create a volume name (Video Storage 1,2, 3, etc…)
Select the type: Internal disk for use with Linux systems only (Ext4)


To change the mount path. Click on the gears icon and select Edit Mount Options
Turn off Automatic Mount Options
Uncheck “Show in user interface”
In the Identify As menu, select /dev/sda# as the mount path.


  1. Turn off Automatic Mount Options
  2. Uncheck “Show in user interface”
  3. In the Identify As menu, select /dev/sda# as the mount path.


NOTE:  Repeat steps 7A-7B for each installed storage drive

In the WAVE Client, go to Server Settings > Storage Management.  Enable each drive that you wish to record to.

It is recommended to reboot the WAVE server to ensure that the hard drive properly mounts.

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