Camera Disconnection/Malfunction

This occurs if Camera(s) is/are disconnected for whatever reason (network, Camera malfunction etc.). Camera is considered disconnected if no data is received for 10 seconds. Once data is received from Camera, the status is automatically changed back to Online.

If the Camera is experiencing network issues over a minute, then ! is appear in Resource Tree.

Additional Events may occur as well and may help to investigate the issue:

•Network Issue. This means that network is unable to transfer data between Camera and Server , which may be the reason why a camera goes offline.

•Server Failure. If Server is down, all hosted Cameras drop offline.

•Camera IP Conflict. If another Camera with the same IP enters the network, one of these two Cameras will go offline.

•Server s Conflict. If a new Server is connected to another Server on the same network and pulls data from the same Cameras, then some Cameras may drop offline because they may not provide several streams simultaneously.

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