WRR-WAVE Client will not open "Outdated Video Drivers".

This applies to the following:

WRR-P-E200x1 Series

WRR-P-S202x1 Series

WRR-Q-A201W Series



The WAVE Client will not open with a message of "Outdated Video Drivers", this is because the VGA Output is being used. 

The WRR-Series (Listed Above) comes with an Nvidia Quadro P400 card installed and would be in one of the slots on the back of the server. 


This is a three Mini-DisplayPort (3 x mDP)

The WRR-Series (Listed Above) comes with one Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter.

You will need to use the included mini-DP to HDMI adapter to connect an HDMI monitor, allowing the WAVE Client Open. 

Here is the

WRR-P-E200x1 Series Brochure

WRR-P-S202x1 Series Brochure

WRR-Q-A200W Sales Brochure

WRR-Q-A201W Series Brochure


Here is the Nvidia Quadro P400 Brochure

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