Configure Channels on XNF-9010 and Add to Third Party VMS

  1. The virtual channels should be created and configured before adding to the VMS. If not please refer to the VMS documentation on how best to replace a camera so that it will keep the original recordings but add the new functionality.
  2. Log into the camera UI after setting a basic configuration in the camera i.e. IP address, password, etc.
  3. Click on the Settings icon (gear icon in the top middle of the page)
  4. On the Video Profile screen click Add to add an additional stream.
  5. The camera will ask what View Mode to configure the next channel for. Choose the view mode and click Apply (in the example below is a dewarped Quadrant 1).
    1. NOTE: After clicking apply it will ask to restart the camera to apply settings.  If more channels are needed just click cancel and only click OK on the last channel added so the camera only reboots once.
  6. To set the Quadrant positions log back into the camera, click the settings icon, click on PTZ and then Digital PTZ
  7. In the Quadrant dropdown select the quadrant to edit and use the virtual joystick to set the view needed. Repeat as needed for other quadrants.  There is no Apply button on this page, the settings are saved in the background.
  8. Add to the VMS. Some VMS have a special driver for Wisenet multichannel cameras, in that case select that one.  If the camera is not directly supported ONVIF can be used as well.




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