WAVE Server GUID duplication - Linux removal instructions

The serverGuid should keep the same since you clone the image directly, and it should be considered as the same server in the software side. Please follow the steps as below:

If while trying to merge a Linux WAVE installation to another you receive the following error:


A server appears to be listing itself under both the selected and current system.
Remove offline and incompatible servers from each system and try again.


1. Stop the Wave Service.

To STOP the Hanwha Media server Service enter the command: sudo systemctl stop hanwha-mediaserver.service at a terminal prompt in Linux.

Open Nautilus which is the Linux version of File Explorer.

In a terminal window type:

nautilus open-sesame

Navigate to:

  • Linux /opt/Hanwha/mediaserver/etc/mediaserver.conf

Open the mediaserver.conf in textedit which is a Linux text editor. 

  1. Remove the value of serverGuid from the corresponding file of your platform.
    Remember to save the change
  2. Start the WAVE Media Server Service. Once the WAVE service starts, it will generate a new serverGuid randomly.
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