How do I use PoE Extender Cameras?

Applies to Models: XND-8081REV, XND-8081RE, XNV-6081REV, XNV-6081RE


Below is a short video explaining the basics of using our PoE extender cameras to two devices at once.


Step By Step Guide:

1. Plug in a network-connected ethernet cable to the PoE+ ethernet port.

2. Wait until the network light on the camera's ethernet ports comes on. (0:14)

Note: This confirms an active connection between the camera and the network

3. Prepare another Device for installation.

4. Plug in an ethernet cable into the PoE pass-through port on the first camera.

Note: The Port Is Labeled PoE out

5. Connect the ethernet cable to your second camera's ethernet port.

Note: If you are using a second PoE extender camera, repeat this process
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