How do I Delete Cameras and Bridges from Wisenet SKY?

There may come a time that you need to delete a
bridge and camera from an account.
This process is very simple and can be completed
from the dashboard of the sub account.

Applies to Models: Wisenet Sky Bridges, cmvr, etc.


WARNING: This will delete all data and video stored for the device. Once deleted the video in unrecoverable.


Delete the cameras BEFORE deleting the bridge.



Required Permissions
In order to be able to delete a camera you must
have administrator privileges on the Wisenet Sky
Or have permission to edit cameras.
If you do not see the trash bin icon. Then you do
not have sufficient privileges and will need to
reach out to your reseller or an administrator
on the account.


Step By Step Guide:

1. If you have cameras with multiple sensors. Delete the camera views first.


2. Once the cameras and there associated views are deleted in the top portion of the picture above. You can then proceed with step 3.

3. Then delete the bridge. (indicated above.)


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