How to Override Media Shortcut?



The "Media Shortcut Override:" section is used for networks that are more advanced or 
testing purposes. 





Media Shortcut Override will take 3 different inputs: "camlan" (which is just the CamLan IP), "wan" (which is just the Wan IP), or any other IP (example:



If your computer is on a different subnet than your bridge but your bridge/CMVR is still on the local network. 

  • You can then type in the IP of the bridge that connects to the subnet your computer is on (this example requires the site network to be set up correctly).

If you would like to see what media shortcut looks like for your system but you do not want to change your network until you know the improvements will be enough.

  • You could connect your laptop to the CamLan and then type "camlan" in the override field. This would allow you to see the faster video and previews through a laptop.


5. Click Apply and then Save Changes.

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