How to Create Alerts for Motion Region Triggers?


There is also the possibility of creating alerts for when motion is detected in a certain 
region.  For example, if an end-user wished to receive an alert every time someone entered
the front door, a motion region could be placed around the door and set to send out email
alerts or push notifications.  


How to create alerts for motion region triggers:

1.  As with Masking Out Motion regions, navigate to the Motion Tab in the camera's

settings and create a region mceclip0.pngwhere you would like to be notified of movement. 

In the example below, 2 regions have been created around the door and the window.




2.  Next Click the bell mceclip2.png next to the region from which you wish to receive alerts and a drop-down menu will appear.



3.  Click the Alert Enable box in order to enable alerts.  

4.  Select your configuration options including WhenRe-rearmWhoMode, and Level.  The sensitivity may need to be adjusted as well depending on environmental factors.   

mceclip4.png  In order for a user to receive motion alerts, alerts must be enabled in that specific 
user's My Profile.
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