How to Archive Video?



Archiving allows a user to save video clips outside of retention and share these clips 
with anyone by sending them a secure link.  


 mceclip0.png  A user login is not required in order to use the link and view the archived clip.


Navigating the Archive

Access the Archive by clicking the Archive tab on the left side of the screen.  




Creating and Manipulating Files within the Archive

The Archive allows you to create folders (New Folder) and subfolders in order to organize your saved footage.  

      From the top menu, you can also UploadShareDownloadMoveCopy, Rename, and Delete files and folders.


mceclip0.png  If the folder or file is shared, it will have the shared symbol mceclip2.png beside it.




mceclip0.png  In order to go back to a folder, you can click the name of the folder at the 
top in order to navigate to whichever folder you would like.
Clicking mceclip5.png will return you to the root folder.




 mceclip7.png  You can also use the back button of your browser to navigate between folders in 
the archive.



Use our search bar in order to find the file, video, or folder you are looking for faster.  






      The amount of storage you have used is indicated in the top-right corner of the Archive section.


  mceclip0.png  Each Wisenet SKY account is granted 10 GB (Gigabytes) of cloud storage which can be 
used to archive video files.




Saving Video to the Archive:

  1. Open the Historical footage by clicking the clock  mceclip10.png  and find the section of footage you would like to save.  
  2. Click on the Save button located at the bottom of the page



      3. Defined the time frame, select the type, and then click on the Archive or Download button



  1. Choose where you want to save your video in the Archive.  You can also create a New Folder.




Archiving allows a user to share a video using a link.  The link can be shared with anyone, even if they do not have an Wisenet SKY Eye login.  


  1. Select the video you wish to share.
  2. Click the Share button mceclip8.png in the top menu of the Archive.
  3. Then click the Info tab located on the left.  
  4. Copy, paste and send the link.  Whoever has access to this link will now be able to view the file.  
 mceclip0.png  The process is demonstrated in the GIF below.   


mceclip14.png  The Archive also gives you the option to download your file.  Just select the file you
wish to download and click mceclip9.png




 You can also choose how long you would like the link to remain active.


  mceclip17.png  The default is Never Expires, which will make the link will stay active as long as 
the file is shared.






Two permissions are available for Archiving:  These can be enabled in user settings.  

  • “View Archive”:
    • Viewing Archive
    • Saving to Archive from History Browser (must have "Download Video" permission)
    • Downloading from Archive
    • Cannot delete
    • Cannot share
    • Cannot move files
  • “Edit Archive”:
    • Viewing Archive
    • Saving to Archive from History Browser (must have "Download Video" permission)
    • Downloading from Archive
    • Deleting
    • Sharing
    • Revoking Share
    • Moving Files
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