How do I Perform a Camera Swap in Wisenet Sky?

This guide will take you through the process of 
performing a camera swap on a Wisenet Sky system.
Performing a swap will replace a camera on the
dashboard with another while retaining the
historical footage of the camera being replaced.

Applies to Models: Wisenet Sky


NOTE: Any camera that is deleted from the dashboard will result in all historical footage being deleted from the cloud. This will be unrecoverable. Please do not delete the camera if you wish to retain it's historical footage.


Wisenet Sky connects to cameras via the ONVIF
protocol. Some manufacturers disable this by
default. Please be aware of the brand, and model
procedures for enanbling ONVIF properly in any


Step By Step Guide:

1. Please ensure that the replacement camera is configured properly. And that ONVIF is on and configured properly for that make and model camera.

2. Physically replace the camera(s.)

3. If the unit has ONVIF enabled properly. It should appear in "Avaiable Cameras."

4. To perform the swap, select the 'Swap' button under Actions for the new camera and select the offline camera you're replacing..


5. Then select "Yes."

NOTE: Please give the swap up to 5 minutes to take place.


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