How do I get custom Subdomains for my resellers?

Hanwha Techwin America offers our partners and 
resellers the opportunity to customize the
subdomain and logos in our interface. The logo and
subdomain will be present in all subaccount
dashboards. This allows end-users to have a more
personalized experience in accordance with our
resellers' and partners' specific branding.

Applies to Models: Wisenet Sky


Branding is reserved for our partners and 
Please contact your sales representativeif you
would like branding added to your account.


Step By Step Guide:

1. Log in to the reseller master dashboard.

2. Click on your name in the top right corner to show a drop-down menu.

3. Click Account Settings.

4. Fill out the fields in the Branding tab.


Branding must be enabled by Hanwha Techwin America. 
If branding is not checked, please contact us directly or your sales
rep in order for us to enable it.

Branding Tab Fields:

1. Company Name: Put your company's name here.

1.1. The name will be displayed on the master dashboard systems summary.




2. Support Email: Provide an email that end-users can contact the reseller for support.

3. Support Phone: Provide a phone number that the end-users can contact the reseller for support.

4. Subdomain: Provide a word for the subdomain excluding special characters and spaces.

The subdomain should be descriptive, easy to remember, 
and easy for people to type into their browser.
For example, ""
The subdomain will be unavailable if it is already in use or the
same name has been saved for internal use (billing, admin, login,
www, ETC).

5. Small Logo: Upload a logo to be displayed in the top left corner of the customer's dashboard.

Images must be in PNG format. 
You will be able to preview the image before it is published.



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