How do I enable Local Display on Wisenet SKY?

Enabling Local Display on Wisenet SKY

This article details how to display cameras/layouts on a local monitor or to a browser over a local network.  

Local Display via Monitor

      1. Please connect the monitor to either the HDMI or display port on the Wisenet SKY Bridge/CMVR.
Wisenet SKY does not support cables over 15 feet or any third-party
HDMI extenders/converters. 
      2.  On the Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS Dashboard, press the cog button next to the Wisenet SKY Bridge/CMVR with the attached monitor to open Bridge Settings.
      3.  Navigate to the "Local Display" tab.        
      4. Check the box next to Local Display via Monitor.        
      5.  Drag a layout from Layouts Available to the Layouts on Display.
      6.  Press the Save Changes button. 
The layout should now appear on the monitor.  

Local Display via Browser

Local Display via Browser streams a layout to a computer on the same network as the Wisenet SKY Bridge/CMVR.  
Local Display via Browser requires flash support to view a video in full-resolution mode.  
If the browser does not support flash, please use Media Shortcut
When enabled, Media Shortcut allows video to be streamed directly over a network. 
Instead of just accessing a layout, Media Shortcut operates when a user logs in to the
Wisenet SKY VMS Dashboard on a computer on the same network as the Wisenet SKY Bridge/CMVR. 
Preview and live video will stream directly over the network from the Wisenet SKY Bridge/CMVR.
Please see our knowledge base article for Media Shortcut for more information on enabling
this feature.
      1. On the Wisenet SKY Cloud VMS Dashboard, navigate to the Bridge Settings  .
      2. Check the box next to Local Display via Browser
      3.  Drag the layout you wish to display from Layouts Available to the Layouts on Display.
      4.  Type the IP of the bridge into the browser of a computer on the same network.  
      5.  A login prompt will appear.  Enter the username and password of an admin user on the account to start the display. 
The login credentials must be an end-user on the account.
Resellers credentials will not work.
The selected layout will now be displayed in the browser's window.  
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