How do I integrate DMP with Wisenet SKY?

DMP Integration


Wisenet SKY allows the ability for our partners to integrate their app with our API.  Authentication of the Wisenet SKY API comes from logging into the portal.  
Most integrations require that our partner create a non-admin user with access to all cameras.  The third-party app will usually have an integration section where this user needs to be added.  

DMP Integration

Digital Monitoring Products is a commercial security provider and partner of Wisenet SKY.  DMP offers the ability to integrate Wisenet SKY and view cameras through or the Virtual Keypad app.  Below are instructions for integration as outlined in DMP's Wisenet SKY integration guide.

How to integrate DMP with Wisenet SKY

Wisenet SKY must be enabled in the Dealer Admin

1. Sign in to Dealer Admin.
2. Locate the customer, then select their system’s account number.
3. The System Information page opens. Near the bottom of the page, press Edit
4. In Third Party Integrations, select Eagle Eye.
5. Press Save

Connect a Wisenet SKY device in Virtual Keypad

1. Log in to
2. In the menu, select Video
3. Press Options near the upper-right corner of the screen.
4. Press Wisenet SKY Settings to be redirected to the Wisenet SKY login screen.
5. Log in with your Wisenet SKY credentials and press Connect

Complete the following steps to connect Wisenet SKY cameras from the Virtual Keypad app.

1. Open the Virtual Keypad app, select a system, and enter your user code.
2. Tap the Menu icon, then tap Video.
3. Tap the Edit icon.
4. Tap Connect Wisenet SKY to be redirected to the Wisenet SKY login screen.
5. Enter your Wisenet SKY credentials and tap Connect.


As with all Wisenet SKY integrations, the third-party app pulls video directly from Wisenet SKY's API.  If the Wisenet SKY Bridge/CMVRs or cameras are offline on the Wisenet SKY Dashboard, please contact Wisenet SKY technical support for normal troubleshooting.

If Wisenet SKY Bridges/CMVRs are online and streaming normally in the Wisenet SKY VMS
Dashboard but not with DMP, please contact DMP for troubleshooting. 
Wisenet SKY provides the video, but integration is controlled through the third-party


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