How do I configure Amcrest cameras for use with Wisenet SKY?

Amcrest Configuration Guide

The guide provides detailed steps on the configuration of Amcrest cameras for use with a Wisenet SKY bridge/CMVR. 

Step 1:  VPN or log directly into the Amcrest camera.  

Click the  button next to the camera in Available Cameras or next to the camera on the dashboard if the camera is already added.  If the camera is in neither of these places, log directly into the camera via a switch or POE injector and IP finder.  

You will need the user name and password of the camera.  

TIP:  There are many free IP finders available on the internet. 
Use this tool to find the IP of any cameras you wish to configure. 
Login Screen:

Step 2: Click Setup


Step 3: Disable ONVIF Authentication

      Step 3.1:  Click Network


      Step 3.2:  Click Connection

      Step 3.3:  Click the ONVIF tab

      Step 3.4:  Disable Authentication

      Step 3.5:  Save

Step 4: Diable Illegal Access

      Step 4.1:  Click Event

      Step 4.2:  Click Abnormality 

      Step 4.3:  Click Illegal Access Tab

      Step 4.3:  Uncheck Enable

      Step 4.4:  Click Save

Configuration Complete

Your Amcrest camera is now configured to work with Wisenet SKY.

If the camera does not stream after setting this configuration,
please try to power cycle the camera and bridge. 
Also, check that the configuration saved properly. 
If the camera will still not stream, please contact Wisenet SKY technical support.
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