What is the Warranty on my Hanwha Techwin America Camera or Recorder?

Applies to Models: L, Q, X, P, T Series camera. H, Q, X, P, WRN Series recorders only. 


The article below addresses Hanwha Techwin America's warranty process.

Understanding HTA Warranty:

Hanwha Techwin America's three-year limited warranty from the "Date of Purchase." Date of Purchase refers to the date an Authorized Distributor purchases product from Hanwha Techwin America.

Example: A vendor purchases a camera in 2020, sells camera in 2022.
Two years have passed since the date of purchase so the camera has 1 year left on
it's warranty.

If a repair needs to be processed for these items, Hanwha Techwin America requires a receipt or invoice to be provided to us showing where and when the device was purchased. On receipt, Hanwha Techwin America will adjust the warranty status to begin from the date on the provided documents.

Note: Beyond that adjusted date. All repairs are billable.

Step By Step Guide to checking Warranty Status:

1. To check Warranty Status or submit a Repair Request go to: 

Note: If you are a STEP Partner you can check Warranty Stats at:
Note: Should you need your STEP Partner Information contact our
Inside Sales Department at:

2. Enter your Device Serial Number, Select your Purchase Date and Attach Documentation related to your request (Including invoices or receipts if the product was recently purchased but Out of Warranty (Areas in question pictured below, highlighted in orange.)


Note: Click this Link for our full page of Warranty Information:
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